Published on February 25th, 2018, 07:41 PM | Article

Bay Area Roleplay

Bay Area Roleplay | Pre-Launch Statistics



Good morning, community!

The day everyone has been waiting for... has come! A project started in August 2017, Bay Area Roleplay is (finally!) opening its doors to the public, and we are set to kick in the most anticipated server launch today (or tomorrow, if you are from the eastern side of the globe) (Sorry, flat Earth elitists)

We are overwhelmed by the numbers of the community that we achieved in just six months — A thousand and a half account registrations in thirty one days since the launch of the application system, and that is just game statistics! Community interaction has been incredibly high with one thousand six hundred forty nine members on Discord, and three thousand forty five members on the forums. This statistics hits the roof of our expectations, which is absolutely incredible!

We would like to thank all members for establishing this community with us. We would also like to thank the ~104 donators for having faith in the community during its beta stages. I am really excited to find out where this community will take us now that we are just inches away from the beginning.

"The aim is to create a fresh start for many people, and create a generally nice server with an excellent community."

Now that we are just hours away from a brand new experience of SA-MP roleplay, I am grateful to say — Welcome to Bay Area Roleplay!


See you in-game!

On behalf of Bay Area Roleplay Staff Team



Game Statistics
Master Accounts: 1,703
Donators: 104


Forum Statistics

Total posts: 36,977
Total threads: 2,271
Total accounts: 3,045

Most users online: 968


Discord Statistics Discord Members: 1,649
Verified: 1,050

Messages in #general: 512,153
Messages in #help-and-support: 12,869
Messages in #premium: 11,432


Staff Team Statistics Managers: 2
Lead Administrators: 2
Administrators: 9

Developers: 4
Helpers: 21
Mappers: 6
Modders: 11
Public Relations: 1
Administrative Support Statistics

Ban Appeals: 34
Player Reports: 9

Bug Reports: 75