Published on March 5th, 2018, 02:10 PM | Article

Bay Area Roleplay

Change in Helper Management


The Helper Team was formed on November 2017 with the goal of providing excellent community satisfaction and assisting players with their concerns. The team brought in 24 members under Aero's tenure as Head of Helpers, with two making it into the Administration Team, and one making it into the Development Team.

It is with regret to inform everyone that Aero has resigned from his role as Head of Helpers. Along with this, I was offered the role of Head of Helpers, which I gladly accepted. With the change in leadership, various internal changes is about to come, all for the better of the staff team and the community as a whole.

With helpers being part of the staff team hierarchy and representing the community, this role will be held with a very high standard. The position is considered as a buffer rank to the administration team. As such, administrators are selected from this pool.

Some of the changes in the team include the following pointers:
  • Overhaul of the recruitment process;
  • Changes to the selection of applicants;
  • In-depth monitoring of helpers (in terms of performance);
  • Implementing a helper record system;
  • Implementing a helper complaints system;
  • Implementing a helper rewards scheme.

Bear in mind that this list is non-exhaustive, and I do have more ideas in mind that will benefit the team. They will be announced as necessary, of course.

Thank you for reading.

Head of Helpers