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Revamped Forum Structure


We are currently running a trial of the new forum structure after a long period of planning and discussion. This addresses the forum remap suggestion brought up in the Forum Suggestions board.

Here is the changelog of the revamped forum structure:
  • Renamed General Discussions & Support to Community Support & Development.
  • Renamed Community Member Profiles to simply Community Profiles.
  • Renamed Staff Member Profiles to Staff Profiles.
  • Renamed Environment to General IC Events and moved it to Region of Bay Area [IC] rather than the World Wide Web board.
  • Renamed Detailed Understanding to Feature Documentation.
  • Separated General Discussions, Community Profiles, Character Stories & Development, Screenshots & Videos, and the super secret donator board into its own category — Out of Character.
  • Transferred Bug Reports and Player Reports to Community Support & Development rather than having them as a sub-board within the defunct Reports & Complaints.
  • Removed Official Factions and Unofficial Factions boards and united them into one Factions board. All official faction threads will be pinned instead.
  • Transferred all government faction boards (City Government of San Fierro, San Fierro Police Department, San Fierro Fire Department, and San Andreas Department of Roads) into its own category — State of San Andreas [IC].
  • Created Government Publications which is the place where all government announcements will be posted. The Penal Code will also be published in its own sub-board.
  • Created Policy Suggestions as a sub-board under Suggestions where rule changes, for example, can be brought up.
  • Moved Other Games and Other Languages into Chit Chat (Off Topic) as a sub-board.
  • Removed Official Guides from Community Guides. All official guides will be pinned instead.
  • Removed the archives of Mapping Suggestions and Model Customization Suggestions.
  • Removed all sub-boards from the super secret donator board.

Of course, both amendments have its own advantages and disadvantages. The new structure looks more neat and organized, but resulted in a longer scroll of the board index. Do you think certain boards need to be moved around? Should we revert all amendments? Or should we keep the current hierarchy? For reference on the changes, see the spoiler below for the comparison table prior to the remap.
Image Image

We are looking for your opinions. Thank you for reading.

Bay Area Roleplay Administration