Published on January 26th, 2018, 03:11 AM | Article




We are excited to announce the deployment of the website and user control panel, which can be accessed on our homepage at It should be noted that these services are still on its beta stages and does not yet provide full functionality other than account registration. We encourage everyone to register an account and submit an application in order to have quick access on the server during the official launch without being delayed.


For reference, the username on the initial registration will be your general account username, and not your character name. It can be your forum name, for example. Your general account username is what you will login as when you connect to the server.


If you encounter any issues with the website and user control panel, kindly report them on the bug reports board in order for them to be rectified by the Development Team.


We would like to thank @Chilli943 for his outstanding work and dedication to make this website possible.