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Bay Area Roleplay | Year in Review: 2017
Introduction to Year in Reviews A Year in Review is a recap of notable events in the community that occurred in the past year. This includes, but is not limited to, development progress, staff team changes, structural changes, and other tweaks that have an impact to the community. All Year in Reviews are published at the first month of the year. Since Bay Area Roleplay is brand new and still on its beta phase, the first year in review will not have much information. It should, however, give you an idea on how it looks like and what to expect in the following years. All data was manually gathered by myself.

It should be noted that this is a personal project of mine, and is done as a hobby. Therefore, some sentences may not look professional as it should be. Any release date should not be treated as a deadline, but as an expected date of release. There is no assurance that this project will continue in the following years. Like any reviews, it is not expected to be perfect, but I am open to feedback and suggestions.

~ @Giga



August 2017: Roots of the Project The goal of the server founder, @Rehasher, is to bring unique ideas into (virtual) life and demonstrate it to a small-but-strong community. Anyone who has played San Andreas Multiplayer for a long time would know that roleplay is an overused gamemode, and despite the rise of other multiplayer games, San Andreas Multiplayer is still "something" that players appreciate along with the community that comes with it.

Anyone who has been following the project for a long time would know that everything roots back to the revival of Nevada Roleplay in 2014-2015. Unfortunately, the project had to be discontinued multiple times due to lack of commitment. It was August 2017 when the project was revived under the name "Flint County Roleplay", which was set to be based on Angel Pine and the entirety of Flint County. The project's progression became notable when the developer of San Andreas Multiplayer, Kalcor, offered to support the server. With the unexpected arrival of a handful of players coming from various communities, the staff team launched a community vote whether the gamemode's setting should remain at Flint County, or move to a much-larger San Fierro.
September 17th, 2017: Bay Area Roleplay

It was September 17th, 2017 when Bay Area Roleplay was formally introduced to the public. The influx of the community's growth became more notorious after the arrival of a known personality in the staff team. That known figure is @DamianC, a SA-MP Beta Tester and former manager of a large roleplay community.
Development Progress

Any long-time followers of the project would know that we have attempted to launch the server twice - November 11th, 2017 and November 26th, 2017. Despite the failed kickoffs, the Development Team remains to be consistent on its progress with the addition of @kane and @widqk to the team. At the same time, the Web User Control Panel is being actively developed by @Chilli943. The homepage and quiz application structure are almost complete.

In fact, they have been giving sneak peaks left and right, which can be found on the forums and our Discord server.





November 26th, 2017: Public Beta Testing #1 The community was given a chance to see the gamemode development's progress by hosting a public beta testing on November 26th as a substitute to the second supposedly launch date.

The testing ran for a total of 42 minutes and 11 seconds, and we have seen a record-breaking 180/180 players for a public beta stage. 408 master accounts were registered, and 283 characters accounts were created. At the same moment, the forum reached 1,000 members with 548 users online. An amazing milestone, as to say.



November 26th, 2017: Unveiling of the Server's Trailer The server trailer was unveiled to the public after the first public beta testing on November 26th, 2017. The trailer was created, recorded, and edited by @Whiskey.
December 3rd, 2017: Unveiling of the New Logo
The logo was designed by @David



Administration Team Additions August (FCRP-era)
Scotland Rehasher (Founder)
United Kingdom Chilli943 (Manager)

Canada Cole [Ritz]
United States thatoneiowan
United Kingdom Whiskey

United Kingdom Chicago
United States DamianC (Manager)
Bulgaria King_Hual (Manager/System Administrator)
United States Luckyx49
Netherlands Sofyan
United Kingdom Southclaws (Manager)

United States Aero

Administration Team Promotions & Assignments August (FCRP-era)
Cole - Head of Admins

Whiskey - Head of Mapping

Whiskey - Administrator -> Lead Administrator

Aero - Head of Helpers
Pitchounette - Head of Factions
Development Team September
United Kingdom Chilli943 - Web Development
United Kingdom Southclaws - Gamemode & Discord Application Development

Macedonia widqk - Gamemode Development (Third Party)

United States kane - Gamemode Development (Third Party)
Helper Team December
Mapping Team October
United States Neo

Modding Team December
Public Relations Team September



Community Statistics Forum Members: 1,939
Discord Members: 1,106
Discord Members Verified: 595

Donators: 49





Staff Team Statistics Managers: 2
Lead Administrators: 1
Administrators: 9

Developers: 4
Helpers: 10
Mappers: 4
Modders: 12
Public Relations: 1
Top 8 Members with Most Reputation Points (1st) tw1ster222 points
(2nd) Rehasher198 points
(3rd) west.165 points
(4th) DamianC142 points
(5th) Conspiracy136 points
(6th) Zenophobia130 points
(7th) Chicago102 points
(8th) Sonny92 points
Top 8 Members with Most Post Count

(1st) tw1ster608 posts
(2nd) best kept secret356 posts
(3rd) Zenophobia320 posts
(4th) Indigo284 posts
(5th) Giga279 posts
(6th) ɢᴀᴜᴅʏ ᴘᴀᴄᴋ ᴋɪᴅᴅᴏ266 posts
(7th) Chicago249 posts
(8th) Pelayo233 posts

Community Interaction Statistics Forum
Total Threads: 1,412
Total Posts: 19,324

Messages in #general: 265,090
Messages in #help-and-support: 5,364
Messages in #memes: 4,700
Administrative Support Statistics

Ban Appeals: 13

Player Reports: 6


Bug Reports: 29









Closing Words Hello!

Bay Area Roleplay is just about to get started, and we already have a large, united community which was beyond our initial expectations on how it will turn out. It is definitely surprising to reach this threshold, and it would not have been possible without the community's power of word of mouth, spreading like wildfire after reaching 1,939 members on the forum and 1,106 members on the Discord server. The staff team is overwhelmed by this unexpected turnout for a startup server, let alone achieving everything in just four months!

As we mark the arrival of 2018, the community has only one battle cry: "Let there be BayRP!". Trust me, it will kick in very, very soonTM! Without being too much of a leaky faucet, I can reveal that the development team is working hard (not hardly working) to get everything started. Pay attention to our community channels, you will understand. ;)

The Administration Team would like to thank every single one of you for becoming part of the community. Your support is what is motivating us to push things further and eventually launch the server with a bang. You will not be disappointed, I promise.

See you in-game!

On behalf of the Bay Area Roleplay Administration Team