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APRIL 2015



 Introduction Hello and welcome to the highlights information thread for the month of April, year 2015. This information will give you an insight of events that occurred during the month.

This edition will be shorter than the previous one as I wasn't really able to collect some of the needed data for this month.


 General Community/Playerbase InformationIt is a fact that the player count wasn't the best this month. However, the server managed to reach a peak of 60+ players at one point.

While there are various theories on the low player count, the staff team assures that they are working on bringing Red County Roleplay back to its former glory. We heard your opinions and suggestions and we'll be using them to improve the server and the community in general.

The management team already took its first step by lowering the quiz questions to 10 and removing the written portion of the application. New players will be able to set up their master account information once they pass the quiz and connect to the server for the tutorial.

To the new players, welcome to Red County Roleplay! If you need any help on the server, feel free to ask a helper tour (/helpers) by making an assistance (/assistance) in-game to help you start up in the server. We hope you enjoy your stay!


 Development The development team continues to try their best to "squash" the remaining bugs in the server, and adding new features at the same time. The notable feature in all of the revisions is the business manager system, where business owners can "hire" a manager for their business and they'll be allowed to use certain business owner commands such as /lock, /bizzmusic, etc.

The current primary focus of the development team is the upcoming drug system, which is still a work in progress but is almost its completion.

For more information regarding development, please read the "Current Server Status" response thread.


 Factions Unofficial Factions Information
Number of faction threads created this month: 12
Number of factions closed down: 16

Best developed (unofficial) faction: The Soviet Connection
Faction Additions
• The Welles Assembly
Current Faction Leaders
San Andreas State Police (SASP) - Daniel Evans (Evans)
San Andreas County Fire Department (SACFD) - Jack Parker (J-R Parker)
Superior Court of San Andreas (SCSA) - John Hower (Donuts)
Aperture Research - Ian Burns (Ian)

Big Mikes Autos - Romeo Legend (Romdez)
Elite Trucking - Simon Hill (Simon)
SAN Network - Romero Legend (Romdez)
Silver Trading - William Silver (TommyB)

Ancelotti Family - Salvatore Salieri (DirtyTruth)
Invicto Crew - Marshal Honeywell (Breadd)
Reapers of Salvation Motorcycle Club - Tony Mostmans (Toneh)
Welles Assembly - Dylan McAllister (Karner)
(Official) Faction Leadership Changes
[LEGAL] Elite Trucking - William Lindberg (baconrumpus) Simon Hill (Simon)


There are 0 trial administrators, 8 administrators, 4 lead administrators, and 3 managers in the team, bringing a total of 15 members in the administration team.



Lead Administrator → Management
Image Speakybutton

Image Jetty - Manager
Image Jim - Administrator


There are 8 testers in the team.



Image Cradboard
Image Natty
Image Nicholas.


There are 15 helpers in the team.



Image Jamie (Mark Cambridge)
Image KnightPray
Image m99T
Image PixelMass


There are 9 mappers in the team.

Image Karner




 In-game Statistics InformationNumber of character accounts: 13,037

Number of master accounts: /

Number of permanently banned accounts: 7,644

Number of donator accounts: 1,495

Global play time (/ttp of 13,037 accounts combined): 71,572,810 minutes

Comparison: hide
Total number of character accounts in March 2015: 12,935 accounts
Number of additional character accounts in April 2015: 102 accounts
TOTAL: 13,037 accounts

Total number of permanently banned accounts in March 2015: 7,640 accounts
Number of additional permanant bans in April 2015: 4 bans
TOTAL: 7,644 permanently banned accounts

Total number of donator accounts in March 2015: 1,485 donator accounts
Number of additional donator accounts in April 2015: 10 donator accounts
TOTAL: 1,495 donator accounts

Total global play time in March 2015: 70,926,976 minutes
Global play time attained in April 2015: 645,834 minutes
TOTAL: 71,572,810 minutes


 Forum Statistics InformationNumber of posts: 1,026,041
Number of threads (topics): 78,314
Number of forum accounts registered: 20,457
Number of private messages: 197,015

Number of forum bans issued this month: 16 bans

Top 15 users with most posts:
1st ..... Tom - 14,331 posts
2nd .... Casablancas - 12,024 posts
3rd ..... TommyB - 11,872 posts
4th ..... Giga - 9,821 posts
5th ..... KevinK - 8,476 posts
6th ..... Ink - 8,471 posts
7th ..... Yass - 7,555 posts
8th ..... Lior - 7,549 posts
9th ..... Pax - 7,148 posts
10th ... Robin - 7,083 posts
11th ... Alec - 7,004 posts
12th ... Timothy - 6,801 posts
13th ... Frisker - 6,718 posts
14th ... Karner - 6,706 posts
15th ... 2Fabulous - 6,063 posts
Extended: hide
16th ... Mueller - 5,911 posts
17th ... Doddsy - 5,828 posts
18th ... Alvar - 5,813 posts
19th ... Delerious - 5,786 posts
20th ... ThePasst - 5,781 posts
21st ... Bauer - 5,365 posts


 Conclusion Thank you for taking the time to read this month's edition of the highlights information. I decided to keep this shorter since I've been away from my PC and I had to do everything from my phone.. and Xbox.

Red County Roleplay is nothing without the community, so let's all improve Red County Roleplay together!