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 Introduction Hello and welcome to the highlights information thread for the month of February, year 2015. This information will give you an insight of events that occurred during the month.
 General Community InformationThe community had a rather slow month from what I've seen, with the server only reaching a peak of 70-80 players during weekdays, and 85-87 players during weekends, which is lower compared to January's peak statistics. Although it did reach a good 92 players in one weekend.

The community has seen the return of a few players from their ban sentence - administrators had a great faith to these players that they are suitable to return to the community.
 Development Message from Lead Developer Peach:
I would like to start off by saying thank you everyone for believing in me. Tommy and I have been working really hard to ensure that the next update, 2.2 is more sophisticated than the previous version 2.1. I've promised amazing updates and new features and hopefully you'll agree with me in this next update.

This is my second revision to release along with the help of TommyB, in this next coming update over seventy bug fixes have been addressed and over twenty changes have been made to current systems to update them.

We are soon to be releasing 2.2 to keep your eyes pealed for it!

 Factions Unofficial
This month, 13 factions in various types were created by creative players. Meanwhile, 17 factions were closed down by either the leader or the faction administration team due to various reasons.

This month, the Reapers of Salvation Motorcycle Club became an official faction, while Brown Pride Asesinos 2161, a Hispanic gang faction, has been descripted. I'd like to congratulate the leaders and members for the roleplay they've presented in Palomino Creek.

Current Faction Leaders
San Andreas State Police (SASP) - Daniel Evans (Evans)
San Andreas County Fire Department (SACFD) - Andrew Parker (JakeA332)
Superior Court of San Andreas (SCSA) - John Hower (Donuts)
Aperture Research - Ian Burns (Ian)

Big Mikes Autos - Romeo Legend (Romdez)
Elite Trucking - Christopher Paul (Christopher)
SAN Network - Kristian Keegan (Kay-Kay)

Ancelotti Family - Salvatore Salieri (DirtyTruth)
Invicto Crew - Marshal Honeywell (Breadd)
Reapers of Salvation Motorcycle Club - Tony Mostmans (Toneh)
You expect the last one to be Hitmen, right? - RULE 16?!

(Official) Faction Leadership Changes
[ILLEGAL] Ancelotti Family - Image Vittorio Lucchesi (Krofari) Image Salvatore Salieri (DirtyTruth)
[LEGAL] Elite Trucking
[February 8, 2015] Image Nacho Martinez (Coco) Image Mitchell Toretto (KevinK)
[February 26, 2015] Image Mitchell Toretto (KevinK) Image Christopher Paul (Christopher)
[ILLEGAL] Invicto Crew - Image Jim Parker (Thomasz) Image Marshal Honeywell (Breadd)
[GOV] San Andreas State Police - Image Malcolm Cambridge (Wang) Image Daniel Evans (Evans)
[LEGAL] SAN Network - Image Jeremy Thompson (Speakybutton) Image Kristian Keegan (Kay-Kay)
The latest batch of trial administrators have all passed their trial period fair and square - congratulations! There has been one reinstatement, one promotion (excluding the trial batch), and no departures in the team this month.

There are no trial administrators, 11 administrators, 6 lead administrators, and 3 managers in the team, bringing a total of 20 members in the administration team.


Image Kay-Kay - Administrator

Trial Administrator → Administrator
Image Jim
Image Henderson
Image Romdez
Image Sobo
Image Steve
Image SledneckNewfie (TENxFOOTxMIDGET)
Administrator → Lead Administrator
Image Kemp

Message from Speakybutton, Head of Testers:
Tester applications opened this month, and we recieved a brilliant response. Of 37 applicants, 17 were taken to the interview stage, and from there, I hired a team of 9 (though two have sadly had to depart). I'm extremely happy with the team as it stands at the moment, and we're in full swing testing the features of the upcoming 2.2 update.
- Speakybutton, Head of Testers

There are 11 testers in the team.

Image Beth
Image Cradboard
Image Dimbo
Image Jcsef
Image Knight.
Image Krofari
Image Nicholas.
Image Tameson

Image DrTrollinski

Image Beth
Image Tameson
Message from Kemp, Head of Helpers:
Hi. I'm back leading the Helper team after reinstating as an Administrator last month. I feel as if the Helper team is in a pickle right now as a result of the removal of inactive Helpers and resignations, although I've been in this position before and we've always picked up and will again. Applications and reinstatements are open for those who wish to join. On another note, I'd like to reiterate the fact that I appreciate all of the hard work that Helper put into the team (past and present), and would like to encourage anybody to message me with any queries or questions about the Helper team.
- Kemp, Head of Helpers

There are 13 helpers in the team.



Image Beth
Image Cradboard
Image Donuts
Image Jane
Image Jeffy
Image Jeroen
Image Miguel
Image Nicholas.
Image Tameson
Image Theo95
Message from Speakybutton, Head of Mappers:
At the same time as tester applications, I also opened mapping applications. These trickled in, but over the time so far that they've been opened, I've picked a few people who I feel will really be able to improve the server with their creative works. I look forward to being able to add some of the awesome maps I've seen so far.
- Speakybutton, Head of Mappers

There are 9 mappers in the team.

Image Delerious
Image Dodgey
Image Escaper (January 2015)
Image Oldi


 In-game Statistics InformationNumber of character accounts: 12,810

Number of permanently banned accounts: 7,627

Number of donator accounts: 1,480

Global play time (/ttp of 12,810 accounts combined): 70,128,068 minutes

Comparison: hide
Total number of character accounts in January 2015: 12,710
Number of character accounts created in February 2015: 100
TOTAL: 12,810

Total number of permanently banned accounts in January 2015: 7,590
Number of permanant bans issued in February 2015: 37
TOTAL: 7,627

Total number of donator accounts in January 2015: 1,472
Number of donator accounts in February 2015: 8
TOTAL: 1,480

Total global play time in January 2015: 69,105,242 minutes
Global play time attained in February 2015: 1,022,826 minutes
TOTAL: 70,128,068 minutes
 Forum Statistics InformationNumber of posts: 1,004,701
Number of threads (topics): 76,904
Number of forum accounts registered: 20,055
Number of private messages: 193,544

Number of forum bans issued this month: 30

Technical forum statistics
Number of posts: 1,344,279
Number of threads (topics): 114,434
Number of forum accounts registered: 29,877

What's the difference?
The first statistics holds the number of entries that's currently in the database. Meanwhile, the second (technical) one have the grand total number of entries that also includes deleted posts, threads, and accounts.

Comparison: hide
Total number of posts in January 2015: Unavailable
Number of posts created in February 2015: Unavailable
TOTAL: 1,004,701 posts

Total number of threads in January 2015: Unavailable
Number of threads (topics) created in February 2015: Unavailable
TOTAL: 76,904 posts

Total number of forum accounts in January 2015: 19,786
Number of forum accounts registered in February 2015: 269
TOTAL: 20,055 accounts

Top 15 users with most posts:
1st ..... Tom - 14,261 posts
2nd .... Casablancas - 11,941 posts
3rd ..... TommyB - 11,689 posts
4th ..... Giga - 8,776 posts
5th ..... KevinK - 8,495 posts
6th ..... Ink - 8,387 posts
7th ..... Yass - 7,554 posts
8th ..... Lior - 7,450 posts
9th ..... Pax - 7,121 posts
10th ... Robin - 7,091 posts
11th ... Alec - 7,004 posts
12th ... Timothy - 6,799 posts
13th ... Frisker - 6,718 posts
14th ... Karner - 6,405 posts
15th ... 2Fabulous - 6,060 posts

BONUS: Out of 20,055 forum accounts, 12,499 users have 0 posts. Therefore, only 7,556 accounts have at least one post count. (ban evaders..)
 General Community Statistics InformationNumber of ban appeals: 73
Number of player complaints: 31
Number of refund requests: 31
Number of bug reports: 15
 Conclusion Thank you for taking the time to read this month's edition of the highlights information. As you can see, the layout has greatly improved compared to last month's highlights information thread. The faction leaders roster, faction leadership changes, statistic comparison, and technical statistics have been added. The administration team promotions have been categorized based on from, to. The forum statistics is incomplete though as I was unable to collect the information needed from last month.

The development section has been written by Lead Developer Peach, the helper section has been written by Kemp, and the tester and mapper sections have been written by Speakybutton. I'd like to thank them for their contributions in the highlights thread and I hope we can still collaborate for the next edition.

Red County Roleplay has been enjoyable this month, and I'm sure we'll continue the fun and loyalty in the community this March. Have a great month, everyone!