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Red County Roleplay
Tester Team


 An Update on the Tester Team Hello,

Over the past year of working with the tester team, I have learned the challenges the development team endures just to keep the server development running. This opportunity also gave me a chance to expand my knowledge on SA-MP's functions and limitations. I am really thankful for the development team, past and present, for sharing their knowledge about the Pawn language, the backbone of the script Red County Roleplay has today.

Now, it is time to allow the rest of the community to experience what it feels like to work in a development environment. Last week, I was offered the role of Head of Testers, which I gladly accepted. For the past few days, I have been working on the team's internal changes that only the future testers will see and feel. These changes are for the better of the tester team, and RCRP development in general, and I believe that the team will be much better than before.


 Tester Duties and Responsibilities One of these changes is the strict enforcement of activity and performance required as a tester. The duties and responsibilities of a tester are the following:
  • Contributing to the server's development by participating in discussions, whether it is general or technical.
  • Investigating bug reports and the ability to write a "tester report" on the bug tracker.
  • Stress testing the gamemode and user control panel when a development release is out for testing.
  • Providing feedback on upcoming features and other things (e.g. custom maps) that will be released to the community's services.
  • Moderating the suggestions board and forward selected community-suggested script suggestions on the development board.


 Tester Recruitment The internal changes will not be effective if we only have one tester. Therefore, I will be opening recruitment for the tester team. I have also implemented some changes in the recruitment process, therefore the decision process will be much longer than before.

Unfortunately, if you were part of the tester team before and wish to reinstate, we do not have a reinstatement format available for you because of the changes. I have decided to reboot the tester system, so if you wish to rejoin the team, you must go through the application process once again and you should not treat the application as a reinstatement.

In order to apply and become part of the tester team, you will have to qualify for the following requirements:
  • You must have been playing on the server for at least six months.
  • If you recently came back to the server after a temporary departure, you must wait for at least one month before applying. If you were recently unbanned from a permanent ban, you must wait for at least two months before applying.
  • Your master account must have an overall total time played of at least 50,000 minutes. This information can be found on the user control panel - "Total total time played" under Master Account Details.
  • You must have not received any severe punishment on your in-game and/or forum record for the past 30 days, regardless if it was justified or not, unless it was revoked by the punishing administrator. (permanent bans that were revoked will fall under the first requirement - "If you were recently unbanned from a permanent ban, you must wait for at least two months before applying"). Any type of admin jail or ban is considered severe.
  • You must have at least 100 posts that are not spam on the forums.
  • You must have the ability to read, write, and understand the English language fluently.
  • You must maintain a good reputation on the community. If you are known to be someone who always flame or harass players, do not expect to be accepted.
  • You must be a team worker.
  • You must make sure that you will be dedicated on the tester team.
  • Preferably, if you have knowledge of Pawn and web development languages, that would be great, but is not required.

If you feel that you are not fit for the tester team just by looking at the requirements, please do not waste your time. If you wish to seek an exemption, please contact me first before submitting your application. However, exemptions are only given in a rare circumstance.

If you are qualified to join the tester team, according to the requirements, read further.

You will have to work your way up through the recruitment process by putting your best effort on the application, Teamspeak interview, and the last step which is the scenario portion, where you will be required to complete a certain task. Being a tester is a privilege, not a right.

Here are some of the guidelines regarding the recruitment process:
  • Your application must be sent to "Giga" as a forum PM. Do not post your application on this thread or send your application to another administrator as they will be ignored.
  • The application must be complete when you send them. Please make sure that everything is filled out before submitting your application. If you have more references, you may send them to me as a follow-up.
  • Do not rush your application. Proofreading is important.
  • Do not constantly pester the staff team to get a reference. Once is enough. If you are caught pestering, your application will be denied.
  • If you have any questions about the tester team and its recruitment process, please send me a forum PM. I want to prevent any kind of misunderstanding so it would be better to have me answer your question(s) instead.
  • Only references from current staff members will be considered valid.
  • More to be added.

If you think you can face the challenge, you are ready to fill out the application below. If you cannot follow simple instructions, chances are you are not fit as a tester.

Good luck, everyone!


The first batch of tester recruitment will close on the 7th of February, 2016 - 5:00 AM GMT 0 / 1:00 AM GMT -4.

Applications are now closed. No applications will be accepted from this point.

Applications must be sent to my forum PM. (Click here)


Tester Application Format
Red County Roleplay
Tester Application


Section 1: General InformationMaster Account Name:
Character Name(s):

Country of Residence:

How long have you been playing on Red County Roleplay?:
Is this the first time you have applied for a position in the staff team on Red County Roleplay?:

Screenshot of your main account's statistics (/stats):
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Screenshot of your main account's full administrative record: (You must obtain it from the User Control Panel):
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Section II: Experience and InterestHow many hours do you spend on the server on a daily basis?:

How well do you know the gamemode features of Red County Roleplay?:


What could you bring to the development team as a tester?:

What skills do you posses that would make you an effective tester?:

Have you ever been part of a development team or tester team outside Red County Roleplay? If so, please recount your experience on the project where you were involved in:

Have you ever had any personal issues with a member of the staff team? If so, has it ever been resolved? How did you deal with the situation?:

How long have you been playing on San Andreas Multiplayer?:


How would you rate your teamwork skills on a scale of 1-10? Why did you give that rating? Please recount any situation when you have shown good teamwork:

What is your opinion on constructive criticism and how would you give one?:



Section III: MiscellaneousPlease gather a reference from someone or as many as you want that is currently a member of the Red County Roleplay staff team (Administrator, Helper, Mapper, Tester), and paste it below. Optional, but highly recommended.
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