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January 2015 - Highlights

IntroductionHello and welcome to the highlights information thread for the month of January, year 2015. I usually publish highlights at the end of the year, however it's always important to keep the community informed about what happened, so I plan to write and publish one of these every end of the month.
General Community InformationThe start of the year has been successful for Red County Roleplay. For the past few weeks, the server has been reaching the peak of 77 players on weekdays and 98 players on weekends. The community is once again starting to stand strong as most of the (previously) departed players, especially 'veteran' players, have made a return to the server.

Along with the hiring of staff members to the admin team, applications for the helper team, mapping team, and tester team were opened to assist the community and development.
Server UptimeOver the month, the server has been able to maintain a stable uptime. There has been few attacks to the server, as well as crashes, but these issues are resolved more quickly thanks to the managers, including fr0st, the one who's maintaining the host.
| FactionsUnofficial
This month, 21 factions were created by players who'd like to present their roleplay style. At the same time, nine factions were closed down by either the leader or the faction administration team due to inactivity.

Unfortunately, every faction has its own end. We have witnessed the description of an illegal faction - Hell Hounds Motorcycle Club; as well as a legal, government faction - San Andreas Department of Corrections. HHMC and SADoC have both presented great roleplay to the server, so I'd like to congratulate the past, last, and original leaders of the two factions.

Current Factions
The San Andreas State Police (SASP) has been running active as always. It is a fact that some players, especially those who prefer to roleplay the illegal side, would question their power and roleplay, but both parties were able to calm themselves down. The faction is being lead by Malcolm Cambridge (Wang).

San Andreas County Fire Department (SACFD)
The SACFD has somehow improved in terms of activity since the leadership of Fire Chief Andrew Parker. On the second week of the month, there has always been at least three members on duty, both in the European timezone and the American timezone. Although it dropped once again in the last week of the month.

We have noticed the resignation of Joe Lewis (Kiwi) as the faction leader of SACFD, transferring the leadership to Andrew Parker (JakeA332), who also previously lead the faction a few times in the past. We have also seen the return of Jack Parker as the Deputy Chief of the department.

Most of the members come from SADoC which was descripted.
The Superior Court of San Andreas (SCSA) was finally restarted after five months of hiatus, giving the leadership to Manuel Parker (Manu). However, Manu decided to leave the server, so leadership was transfered to John Hower (Donuts). The SCSA has promised to completely revamp the San Andreas Penal Code.

Elite Trucking has been running great as always, although their activity has slightly decreased in terms of trucking roleplay. The faction is being lead by Nacho Martinez (Coco).

Big Mikes Autos has maintained the integrity of its 'auto trading' business over the month. The faction is being lead by Romeo Legend (Romdez).

Ancelotti Family is an Italian mafia faction. Quoted as the "best illegal faction" of 2014, it made a great start of the year in terms of roleplay and activity over the month. Members are regularly seen in their usual hangout, as well as their "blow by blow" action from different sides of the town. The faction is lead by Krofari.

Brown Pride Asesinos 2161 is a Hispanic gang faction. The faction is always visible around their 'vario', presenting subdue roleplay towards other people, including non-Hispanic ones. The faction is being lead by Oldi.

Invicto Crew is a racing faction. Their roleplay is usually visible around their garage and the desert and has slightly improved in terms of roleplay quality since the co-leadership of Thomasz.

Kemp has made a return to the faction administration team. The number of factions started have already increased, most probably due to the faction competition by Evans, where the best unofficial faction would receive $5,000,000 in-game.
|AdministrationTo continue the integrity of administration with the improving playerbase, changes were made to the admin team. Five staff members were hired as trial administrators, one reinstated to the admin team, and one was promoted.
Image Jim
Image Henderson
Image Romdez
Image Sobo

Image Kemp - Administrator
Image Steve - Trial Administrator

Image Christopher - Administrator > Lead Administrator

Image Manu (Administrator)
Image Miguel (Administrator)
|DevelopmentRed County Roleplay Version 2.2 is still in the works and being tested, featuring the weapon system that the community has always waited for.

Earlier this month, Peach was assigned the role of Server Lead Developer, aiding TommyB in the server's development. The development and tester teams are both working at its best to make sure that the next update is functioning perfectly.

Moving on to the UCP - Version 2.1 was released earlier this month, featuring the MDC system for the SASP along with the ability to transfer donator levels from one account to another.

Moving on to testers - Applications for the Tester Team were opened by the head of testers, Speakybutton, to expand the server's development following the release of v2.2. This time, a mix of applicants roleplaying in legal and illegal environments are going to be hired in the team.

Reinstated to the Tester Team:
Image Sandman

Departure from the Tester Team:
Image dodgey
Image Sobo (Promoted to Trial Administrator)
HelpersCharles has resigned as head of helpers in the 15th of January, handing the team over to Kemp, who has also managed the team since the implementation of the new helper system. With this, applications for the helper team were opened, receivng a total of 53 applications and reinstatements. There are currently 22 helpers in the team.
Image Awesomazing
Image Beth
Image Jeffy
Image Jeroen
Image KnightPray
Image Lennchu
Image Mark Cambridge
Image Meyrick
Image Parker
Image Theo95

Image Cradboard
Image DrTrollinski
Image Elliot
Image Jack
Image Miguel
Image Sandman
Image Thomasz

Image Brock
Image Cvnnor
Image Duck
Image Kiwi
Image Sandman
Image PuDzeh
Image Unknown
In-game Statistics InformationNumber of character accounts: 12,710 (12,447 + 263)

Number of permanently banned accounts: 7,590 (7,569 + 21)

Number of donator accounts: 1,472 (1,458 + 14)

Global play time (/ttp of 12,710 accounts combined): 69,105,242 minutes (67,875,612 + 1,229,630)
| Forum Statistics InformationNumber of posts: X
Number of threads: X
Number of forum accounts registered: 19,786 (328 accounts created in one month alone)

Top users with most posts:
  • 1 ..... Tom - 14,178 posts
  • 2 ..... Casablancas - 11,936 posts
  • 3 ..... TommyB - 11,588 posts
General Community Forum Statistics InformationNumber of ban appeals: 79
Number of player complaints: 47
Number of refund requests: 33
Number of bug reports: 33
| ConclusionThank you for taking the time to read this unofficial 'newsletter' thread. This was supposed to be posted at exactly February 1, 2015 at 12:00pm (my time), but I was out from my computer so I wasn't able to. I'd like to note that I was never asked to write one of these and was did it in my own will. Most of the reviews were made by myself, especially the factions section. Although I cannot promise publishing these every month, it's still better to see the server's improvement ourselves.