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JULY 2015


 Introduction Welcome to the Red County Roleplay highlights and statistics information update for the month of July 2015. The following information gives you an insight of general events, as well as community statistics which will serve as reference for the final information update which will be released at the end of the year.

Statistics comparison are based on two monthly data - June 2015 and July 2015.


 General Playerbase Information
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According to SACNR monitor, the server had an average of 34.89 players throughout the month.


 Development SA-MP Script Development
As you can see, only one update was released this month, but the good part is Version 2.3 is now in active development! I won't be going into details, but I can say it is packed with great features!

User Control Panel Development
Development of the user control panel will also be rolling the shaft as Lead Developer Smally announced his plans to work on Version 3. Remember to keep suggesting ahead!

Development Team
MP2 has departed from the development team.
Head of Development: TommyB


 Factions Unofficial Factions Information
Number of factions (re)formed: 9 (-2) (4 legal factions & 5 illegal factions)
Number of factions disbanded:10 (+3) (5 legal factions & 5 illegal factions)

Best developed faction: None
Most influential faction: Palomino West Clique

Official Factions Information
Faction Additions
Faction Removals (Descriptions)
200 Peach Block Folk Nation
Superior Court of San Andreas
Faction Leaders Roster
San Andreas State Police Daniel Evans [Evans]
San Andreas County Fire Department Kenneth Brown [TyMeLeSs]
Aperture Research Ian Burns [Ian]
Big Mikes Autos David Buckley [Bob]
Elite Trucking Simon Hill [Simon]
SAN Network Eddie Moon [Limuz]
Silver Trading William Silver [TommyB]
Ancelotti Family Salvatore Salieri [DirtyTruth]
Invicto Crew Marshal Honeywell [Breadd]
La Onda Paco Canderias [Cruzito Canderias]
Reapers of Salvation Motorcycle Club Tony Mostmans [Toneh]
Welles Assembly Dylan McAllister [Karner]
Faction Leadership Changes
• [LEGAL] SAN Network - Romero Legend (Romdez) Eddie Moon (Limuz)
Faction Administration Team:

San Andreas Department of Justice / San Andreas District Court / Superior Court of San Andreas / Supreme Court of San Andreas
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Image Image Image Image Image Image
Faction Name History: The faction was founded as 'San Andreas Department of Justice" by Skypo. It was later renamed to "San Andreas District Court" with Mark Fleur leading the faction. When Crusty took over, the faction was renamed to Superior Court of San Andreas. And finally, it was renamed to "Supreme Court of San Andreas" with Donuts leading the faction.
• 15 people held the role of chief justice in the faction.
• The criminal code/penal code had a total of eight 'revamps'.
San Andreas Department of Justice

(2010) Skypo Feller [Skypo]

San Andreas District Court

(2011) Mark Fleur [Mark_Fleur]
(2011) Mark Lessenburg [Mark.S]
(2011) Phillip Wilkinson [Ink]

Superior Court of San Andreas
(2011) Frederick Hartford [Crusty/kamensky]
(2012) Daniel Kingston [BigD]
(2012) [George_Scott]
(2012) Jamie Rockwell [BigD]
(2012) [Graves]
(2012) John Jayden [Bauer]
(2013) Nicholas Gregory [Nick G]
(2013) Alexander Cambridge [PuDzeh]
(2014) Patrick Rogan [Nate]
(2014) John Roberts [Roberts/TyMeLeSs]
(2014) [Manu]

Supreme Court of San Andreas

(2015) John Hower [Donuts]


Current Administration Team Count: 18 (=)
0 trial administrators
11 administrators (-1)
4 lead administrators (+1)
3 managers

Arrivals: (0)

Reinstatements: (2)
Image Charles - Administrator
Image TJ. - Administrator

Promotions: (2)
Administrator → Lead Administrator
Image Bob (Bobalob)
Image Romdez

Departures: (2)
Image Jake~ - Administrator
Image Kemp - Lead Administrator


Current Helper Team Count: 31 (+7)
Helper of the Month: Giga

Arrivals: (8)
Image Brad
Image Drake
Image Escaper
Image Nick G
Image Novitality
Image Simon
Image Temper
Image Toasted

Reinstatements: (6)
Image DirtyTruth
Image Kenth
Image Mac
Image Mueller
Image Peat
Image Theo95

Departures: (5)
Image Awesomazing
Image Owen
Image PixelMass
Image Stripes
Image ThePasst
Head of Helpers: Bob


Current Tester Team Count: 5 (-1)

Arrivals: (0)

Reinstatements: (0)

Departures: (1)
Image Monkey
Head of Testers: Speakybutton


Current Mapping Team Count: 8 (=)

Arrivals: (0)

Reinstatements: (0)

Departures: (0)
Head of Mapping and Team: Speakybutton


 In-game Statistics Information
July 2015

Number of character accounts: 14,600

Number of master accounts: 23,472

Number of permanently banned accounts: 7,846

Number of permanent bans issued this month: 108
Hackers: 29
Poor Roleplay: 36
Poor English: 6

Number of donator accounts: 1,526

Global play time (/ttp of 14,600 accounts combined): 74,355,530 minutes
June-July Comparison

Total number of character accounts in June 2015: 13,937
New character accounts in July 2015: 663 accounts
TOTAL: 14,600 accounts

Total number of master accounts in June 2015: 22,745
New master accounts in July 2015: 727
TOTAL: 23,472 accounts

Total number of donator accounts in June 2015: 1,516
New donator accounts in July 2015: 10
TOTAL: 1,526 accounts

Total global play time in June 2015: 73,282,695 minutes
GPT attained in July 2015: 1,072,835 minutes
TOTAL: 74,355,530 minutes


 Forum Statistics Information
July 2015

Number of posts: 1,065,220
Number of threads (topics): 81,049
Number of forum accounts registered: 21,346
Number of private messages: 204,300

Number of forum bans issued this month: 43 bans

Technical forum statistics
Number of posts: 1,408,134
Number of threads (topics): 119,084
Number of forum accounts registered: 31,377
June-July Comparison

Total number of posts in June 2015: 1,052,388
New posts created in July 2015: 12,832
TOTAL: 1,065,220 posts

Total number of threads (topics) in June 2015: 80,133
New threads (topics) created in July 2015: 916
TOTAL: 81,049 threads

Total number of forum accounts in June 2015: 20,976
New forum accounts registered in July 2015: 370
TOTAL: 21,346 accounts

What's the difference?
The first section holds the number of entries that's currently in the database, while the technical section has the grand total. It includes deleted posts, threads, and accounts.

Top 15 users with most posts:
(1st) Tom 14,425 posts
(2nd) TommyB 12,243 posts
(3rd) Casablancas 12,048 posts
(4th) Giga 11,495 posts
(5th) PuDzeh 11,080 posts
(6th) Ink 8,779 posts
(7th) KevinK 8,487 posts
(8th) Karner 7,620 posts
(9th) Lior 7,583 posts
(10th) Yass 7,572 posts
(11th) Pax 7,245 posts
(12th) Robin 7,083 posts
(13th) Alec 7,005 posts
(14th) Timothy 6,803 posts
(15th) Frisker 6,718 posts
Extended: hide
16th ... Mueller - 6,307 posts
17th ... Doddsy - 6,071 posts
18th ... 2Fabulous - 6,065 posts
19th ... Delerious - 5,897 posts
20th ... ThePasst - 5,865 posts
21st ... Alvar - 5,848 posts


 Miscellaneous Statistics InformationNumber of ban appeals: 73
Number of player complaints: 41
Number of refund requests: 33
Number of bug reports: 21
Number of community suggestions: 42
Forum & UCP: 4
Script: 38
Administrative: 0