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MARCH 2015



 Introduction Hello and welcome to the highlights information thread for the month of March, year 2015. This information will give you an insight of events that occurred during the month.


 General Community/Playerbase InformationBefore the release of version 2.2, the community had a major decline in the playerbase. The server only had a peak of 65-70 players, both weekdays and weekends, which is lower compared to last month.

The playerbase started to stabilize again after the release of version 2.2, reaching a peak of 83 players at launch day. The improvement then became consistent on the following days with the server reaching 78 players on a weekday.


 Development Version 2.2
While we had a slow playerbase this month, March is a big month in terms of development, with the release of Red County Roleplay Version 2.2. This release includes the long-awaited new weapons system; the server upgrade to SA-MP 0.3.7; the removal of static server vehicles; the return of the updated death system and contacts; the ability to scrap your own personal vehicle, the addition of boats, a new garage system; and last but not the least - Steve the Train Bot! You can find the full list in the changelog page.

I'd like to congratulate the development and tester teams for making sure that everything is working on version 2.2, but of course they still missed some spots that is considered a flaw, so I'd like to ask everyone to please make sure you reports all the bugs you can find on the bug reports board.

On behalf of the development team and tester team, we'd like to thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy Red County Roleplay Version 2.2!

Development Team
We have noticed the departure of Smally from the development team who took up the role of web lead developer. Smally worked to the best of his ability to code the second version (v2.0) of the homepage alongside Donut Seller, so his contributions in the community is indeed fascinating! BigD has replaced Smally's role in web development to continue working on updates for the User Control Panel.

Aside from that, we also have another addition to the development team - MP2, who is also known as Mike in the SA-MP community. He was the one who scripted the Movieserver that TommyB currently manages. He was previously in the RCRP's development team too, so once again he'll be assisting TommyB with Peach in SA-MP development to implement new features and make sure those pesky bugs have been squashed.


 Factions Unofficial Factions Information
Number of faction threads created this month: 12
Number of factions closed down: 15

Best developed (unofficial) faction: The Welles Assembly

Most influential (unofficial) faction [forum-wise; based on faction thread replies & views]: Palomino West Clique
Most influential (unofficial) faction [RP-wise; based on roleplay quality and attraction]: The Welles Assembly
Second most influential (unofficial) faction [RP-wise]: Southern Knights

Official Factions Information
Faction Additions
Faction Removals (Descriptions)
Current Faction Leaders
San Andreas State Police (SASP) - Daniel Evans (Evans)
San Andreas County Fire Department (SACFD) - Jack Parker (J-R Parker)
Superior Court of San Andreas (SCSA) - John Hower (Donuts)
Aperture Research - Ian Burns (Ian)

Big Mikes Autos - Romeo Legend (Romdez)
Elite Trucking - William Lindberg (baconrumpus)
SAN Network - Romero Legend (Romdez)

Ancelotti Family - Salvatore Salieri (DirtyTruth)
Invicto Crew - Marshal Honeywell (Breadd)
Reapers of Salvation Motorcycle Club - Tony Mostmans (Toneh)
Oh c'mon, until now you still expect the last one to be Hitmen? - RULE 16!
(Official) Faction Leadership Changes
[LEGAL] Elite Trucking - Christopher Paul (Christopher) William Lindberg (baconrumpus)
[ILLEGAL] Reapers of Salvation Motorcycle Club - Stanley Rowan (Miguel) Tony Mostmans (Toneh)
[GOV] San Andreas County Fire Department - Andrew Parker (JakeA232) Jack Parker (J-R Parker)
[LEGAL] SAN Network - Kristian Keegan (Kay-Kay) Romero Legend (Romdez)


The administration team didn't have any arrivals or promotions this month. One has reinstated in the team and four administrators departed this month.

There are 0 trial administrators, 9 administrators, 5 lead administrators, and 3 managers in the team, bringing a total of 17 members in the administration team.


Image Manu - Administrator


Image Jboi - Lead Administrator
Image Joe - Administrator
Image KP. - Administrator
Image Sobo - Administrator


There are 11 testers in the team.

Image Alvar - Alberto Casado
Image Donuts - Kingsley Crown
Image Monkey - Adam Norwood
Image Natty - Haley Stepps

Image Oxley - Marshall Wood

Image DrTrollinski
Image Jcsef
Image Krofari
Image Newman.
Image Sandman


There are 19 helpers in the team.

Image Alvar
Image Connor
Image K3V
Image m99T
Image Natty
Image Stripes
Image TempestFox
Image TJKeeran

Image Benson.
Image Delerious
Image Jackson.

Image Elliot
Image Jack
Image Lennchu
Image Parker
Image Thomasz


There are 9 mappers in the team.





 Administration Responsibilies
This section lists the members of every administrative division/sector.

Head of Staff: Jetty
Head of Helpers: Christopher
Head of Mappers: Speakybutton
Head of Testers: Speakybutton

Forum Administrators:

Faction Administrators:

Refund Administrators:


 In-game Statistics InformationNumber of character accounts: 12,935

Number of master accounts: /

Number of permanently banned accounts: 7,640

Number of donator accounts: 1,485

Global play time (/ttp of 12,935 accounts combined): 70,926,976 minutes

Comparison: hide
Total number of character accounts in February 2015: 12,810 accounts
Number of character accounts created in March 2015: 125 accounts
TOTAL: 12,935 accounts

Total number of permanently banned accounts in February 2015: 7,627 accounts
Number of permanant bans issued in March 2015: 13 bans
TOTAL: 7,640 peromanently banned accounts

Total number of donator accounts in February 2015: 1,480 donator accounts
Number of new donator accounts in March 2015: 5 donator accounts
TOTAL: 1,485 donator accounts

Total global play time in February 2015: 70,128,068 minutes
Global play time attained in March 2015: 798,908 minutes
TOTAL: 70,926,976 minutes


 Forum Statistics InformationNumber of posts: 1,016,350
Number of threads (topics): 77,658
Number of forum accounts registered: 20,296
Number of private messages: 195,446

Number of forum bans issued this month: 33 bans

Technical forum statistics
Number of posts: 1,356,786
Number of threads (topics): 115,384
Number of forum accounts registered: 30,170

What's the difference?
The first statistics holds the number of entries that's currently in the database. Meanwhile, the second (technical) one have the grand total number of entries that also includes deleted posts, threads, and accounts.

Comparison: hide
Total number of posts in February 2015: 1,004,701 posts
Number of posts created in March 2015: 11,649 posts
TOTAL: 1,016,350 posts

Total number of threads (topics) in February 2015: 76,904 threads
Number of threads (topics) created in March 2015: 754 threads
TOTAL: 77,658 threads

Total number of forum accounts in February 2015: 20,055
Number of forum accounts registered in March 2015: 241 accounts
TOTAL: 241 accounts

Top 15 users with most posts:
1st ..... Tom - 14,302 posts
2nd .... Casablancas - 11,978 posts
3rd ..... TommyB - 11,782 posts
4th ..... Giga - 9,529 posts
5th ..... KevinK - 8,460 posts
6th ..... Ink - 8,396 posts
7th ..... Yass - 7,554 posts
8th ..... Lior - 7,491 posts
9th ..... Pax - 7,139 posts
10th ... Robin - 7,083 posts
11th ... Alec - 7,004 posts
12th ... Timothy - 6,801 posts
13th ... Frisker - 6,718 posts
14th ... Karner - 6,520 posts
15th ... 2Fabulous - 6,059 posts
Extended: hide
16th ... Alvar - 5,796 posts
17th ... Doddsy - 5,788 posts
18th ... ThePasst - 5,755 posts
19th ... Mueller - 5,731 posts
20th ... Delerious - 5,459 posts
21st ... Bauer - 5,359 posts
22nd .. Crazy Andre - 5,298 posts
23rd ... Daniel - 5,222 posts
24th ... Emmerdale - 4,922 posts
25th ... Tiger - 4,790 posts
26th ... Ian - 4,680 posts
27th ... Rasta - 4,548 posts
28th ... Christopher - 4,533 posts
29th ... Logic III - 4,496 posts
30th ... Maxx - 4,486 posts
31st ... x00 - 4,484 posts

BONUS: We received 19 kitchen marketing posts this month. (bots...)


 General Community Statistics InformationNumber of ban appeals: 75
Number of player complaints: 48
Number of refund requests (general refund requests; not the weapons wipe refund): 22
Number of bug reports (2.1.2 R8): 19
Number of bug reports (2.2): 22


 Weapons Wipe Refund StatisticsTotal number of refund requests: 462

AK-47: 87
Desert Eagle: 171
Country Rifle: 63
Shotgun: 69
MP5: 59
9MM Pistol: 13

Accepted Refunds: 236
Total Amount Refunded: $3,172,000


 Conclusion Thank you for taking the time to read this month's edition of the highlights information. Once again, welcome to Red County Roleplay Version 2.2 and I hope you enjoy this release. Have a great April, everyone!