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 Introduction Hello,

First of all, I would like to apologize for the delayed release of the September statistics. Although I collected the data on the last day of the month, I didn't have the time to write the thread. No one woke me up when September ended. Kidding aside, to compensate the delay, I have included a "Mid-October summary", a short version of the regular highlights thread, at the next post.

This is the Red County Roleplay highlights and statistics information update for the month of September and mid-October 2015. The following information gives you an insight of general events, community statistics, and changes in the server throughout the month.

Data collection time: 12:00 PM (October 1, 2015)
| 1:49 AM (October 17, 2015)


General Playerbase Information
Spoiler: hide
Spoiler: hide

SACNR server monitor reported a 'massive' drop on the player peak count, therefore reducing the average players count. The return of administrator approval of master accounts could have affected the playerbase activity, but the number of bans have gradually decreased, therefore boosting up the playerbase roleplay quality in some sort. But if we were to look at reality, the resumption of classes in America and Europe could have also been the reason why the playerbase activity was affected.


 Factions Unofficial Factions Information
Number of factions (re)formed: 10 (-1) (6 legal factions & 4 illegal factions)
Number of factions disbanded: 7 (=) (3 legal faction & 4 illegal factions)

Best developed faction: N/A
Most influential faction: N/A

Official Factions Information
Faction Additions
• Palomino West Clique
Faction Removals (Descriptions)
• The Welles Assembly
Faction Leaders Roster
San Andreas State Police William Cambridge [Wang]
San Andreas County Fire Department Alexander Warren [Gambo]
Aperture Corporation Jeremy Zoltan [Zoltan]
Big Mike's Autos N/A
Elite Trucking Ryan Radcliffe [ryan]
SAN Network Eddie Moon [Limuz]
Silver Trading William Silver [TommyB]
Ancelotti Family Salvatore Salieri [DirtyTruth]
La Onda Carlos Pacheco [Temper]
Palomino West Clique Quinton Malik [Nicholas.]
Reapers of Salvation Motorcycle Club Finlay MacCormick [Mueller]
Faction Leadership Changes
• [GOV] San Andreas State Police - Daniel Evans (Evans) William Cambridge (Wang)
• [ILLEGAL] La Onda - Paco Canderias (Cruzito Canderias) Carlos Pacheco (Temper)
• [ILLEGAL] Reapers of Salvation Motorcycle Club - Philip Adamson (Oldi) Finlay MacCormick (Mueller)


Current Administration Team Count: 19 (+2)
2 trial administrators (+2)
8 administrators (-3)
5 lead administrators (+2)
4 managers (+1)

Arrivals: (2)
Image Becca
Image Natty

Reinstatements: (0)

Promotions: (0)
• Lead Administrator → Manager
Image Evans
• Administrator → Lead Administrator
Image Charles
Image Earl
Image Manu

Departures: (0)


Current Helper Team Count: 17 (-6)
Helper of the Month: Giga

Arrivals: (0)

Reinstatements: (0)

Departures: (6)
Image Becca
Image BloodThirsty
Image Bust
Image Drake
Image Natty
Image Temper
Head of Helpers: Bob


Current Tester Team Count: 8 (-3)

Arrivals: (0)

Reinstatements: (0)

Departures: (3)
Image Becca
Image Natty
Image x00
Head of Testers:


Current Mapping Team Count: 7 (=)

Arrivals: (0)

Reinstatements: (0)

Departures: (0)
Head of Mapping: TommyB


In-game Statistics Information
September 2015

Number of character accounts: 15,366

Number of master accounts: 24,655

Number of permanently banned accounts: 7,921

Number of permanent bans issued this month: 23 (-57)
Hackers: 11 (-18)
Poor Roleplay: 3 (-20)
Poor English: 1 (-1)

Number of donator accounts: 1,554

Global play time (/ttp of 15,366 accounts combined): 76,373,742 minutes
August-September Comparison

Number of character accounts in August 2015: 15,213
Number of character accounts in September 2015: 15,366
• 153 new character accounts • (-460)

Number of master accounts in August 2015: 24,188
Number of master accounts in September 2015: 24,655
• 467 new master accounts • (+249)

Number of donator accounts in August 2015: 1,538
Number of donator accounts in September 2015: 1,554
• 16 new donator accounts • (+4)

Global play time in August 2015: 75,667,035 minutes
Global play time in September 2015: 76,373,742 minutes
• 706,707 minutes of GPT attained • (-604,798 minutes)

Character account with highest play time: Mathew Hartigan (240,826 minutes)


 Forum Statistics Information 
September 2015

Number of posts: 1,088,163
Number of threads (topics): 82,646
Number of forum accounts registered: 21,926
Number of private messages: 208,163

Number of forum bans issued this month: 26 bans (+1)

Technical forum statistics
Number of posts: 1,432,217
Number of threads (topics): 120,793
Number of forum accounts registered: 32,023
August-September Comparison

Number of posts in August 2015: 1,078,735
Number of posts in September 2015: 1,088,163
• 9,428 new posts • (-4,087)

Number of threads in August 2015: 81,984
Number of threads in September 2015: 82,646
• 662 new threads • (-273)

Number of forum accounts in August 2015: 21,709
Number of forum accounts in September 2015: 21,926
• 217 new accounts • (-146)

What's the difference?
The general statistics hold the number of entries that's currently in the database, while the information in the technical statistics are based on the highest increment value on the forum database. It shows how many posts, threads, and accounts were actually made, including deleted posts, threads, and accounts.

Top 15 users with most posts:
(1st) Tom 14,457 posts
(2nd) TommyB 12,625 posts
(3rd) Giga 12,246 posts
(4th) Casablancas 12,052 posts
(5th) PuDzeh 11,128 posts
(6th) Ink 8,957 posts
(7th) KevinK 8,502 posts
(8th) Karner 8,306 posts
(9th) Lior 7,611 posts
(10th) Yass 7,586 posts
(11th) Pax 7,284 posts
(12th) Robin 7,098 posts
(13th) Alec 7,006 posts
(14th) Timothy 6,807 posts
(15th) Frisker 6,756 posts
Extended: hide
16th ... Mueller - 6,659 posts
17th ... Doddsy - 6,115 posts
18th ... 2Fabulous - 6,065 posts
19th ... ThePasst - 6,033 posts
20th ... Delerious - 5,910 posts
21st ... Alvar - 5,871 posts


Miscellaneous Statistics InformationNumber of ban appeals: 27 (-29)
Number of player complaints: 41 (-37)
Number of refund requests: 9 (-11)
Number of bug reports: 13 (-6)
Number of community suggestions: 28 (-12)
Web Development: 4
SA-MP Script Development: 22
Administrative: 2

King of the hammer!: (Administrator with most ban hammer strikes): Lead Administrator Charles (6)